The Invisible Team

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“We were ahead of our time in 2010 when we – Simone Moro and I – started an ante-litteram smart worker roped team”.

It was natural for us to do so because we found ourselves having to coordinate living in two different cities, which in some periods of the year became two nations, and not a short distance from each other, even in different continents, for example between Italy and Pakistan or Nepal or even Chile or Argentina.

[…] The point is that we never felt like smart workers, in fact we couldn’t even think of combining the word smart with our working methods, because these were mostly choices dictated by convenience – of various kinds – and were enabled by the fact that our business didn’t require us to reside in the same city or have a representative office. 

We “unknowingly” set up our work in a smart mode because it was natural and logical for both of us to do so.

If we have to say it all, until recently, not having at least one operational headquarters outside our home was considered ” lame”, so I’ll let you imagine how our “home-based company” could be perceived, and moreover in the province. […]”.

I am super happy to announce that  


How to become a winning team and meet the game-changing challenges of the business world 

📌 from the 6th april 2021 – the italian version is available in bookstores and online  

This is the book written by Simone Moro and Marianna Zanatta, the second after Devo perché posso:

Simone Moro and Marianna Zanatta have been an invisible team in constant evolution since 2008. Throughout these years, their way of working together has adapted to changing external conditions, business needs and their respective legitimate ambitions.

At the same time, their team overcame crises, grief, and head-on collisions, developed a working language, honed interpersonal and conflict management skills, integrated coworkers, and learned to delegate and share.

In short, theirs has been a team in which the growing success is the result of the contribution of everyone, visible and invisible, each for their own role. At a time when the world of work is looking for new ways of organizing following the pandemic, when individuals often feel isolated at home in front of the PC, Simone and Marianna, offer everyone their experience to help them value the fundamental part of life that is work and to unravel the evening of communication that, with the advent of social media, has become increasingly dense and insidious. Their example and their advice prove useful only to multiply stimuli and opportunities, but above all to grow as professionals and as people. This can only happen if we relate to others correctly. In teams, on a stage and behind the scenes.

Click HERE to see the live presentation of the book with the interview with Vinicio Stefanello of Planetmountain.