WELL-COME We are leaving for a new adventure…

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If you’re receiving this email it’s because in one way or another we’ve shared experiences, projects over the years, or simply made a stretch of road together at some point.

I decided to update you step by step on the evolution of all my projects and let you know the new ones, first of all because I believe in them so much (and if you know me, you know that when I believe in something I jump in with both feet!) and then because for one reason or another you may find it interesting and, I hope, useful.

Ah, I’ll tell you right now, about 2020, about what a difficult/particular/unique/infinite/dreadful year it’s been… I’ve already said mine here My 2020: year of shit or chocolate? so I won’t elaborate any further. Look at your feet but do it while walking forward, not while retracing your steps! Whether 2020 was shit or chocolate, just like the year before and the year before that, I decided to make other of my many dreams come true.

So here we are!

Welcome to this new “home” of mine that I’ve decorated giving space to all my souls: there’s Marianna Zanatta sports marketing manager with her experience in Sports&Beyond, there’s Marianna and her passion for training (corporate and not only) and there’s also Ornitorianna who, to put it in her words, doesn’t care and does 😉

If you want to start giving a peek at the first new project of this year, and also at the first brick of this new house, below you can download an extract from my latest book Who cares, I do! Day by day with the guide of Ornitorianna (Italian version) which is a diary (or maybe I should say a journal that is immediately cooler) that wants to be a real agenda made of concrete daily practices to change the habits that we want to change, and dedicate the right time to the goals that really matter!

One more important thing before I say goodbye: I felt free to contact you, but I want you to feel as free as I do!  Hence, if you’re not interested in staying up to date on these new projects of mine, we’ll continue to collaborate and work together in the areas where we already do (and that’s totally fine!).

Free Italian version

I hope we’ll go a long way together and I hope I can give back to you and pass on some of the joy, enthusiasm and energy that is in me!


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