// SPORTS&BEYOND grows, evolves!

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I had already announced that I would be coming soon with news about my marketing and communication agency Sports&Beyond and here I am!

With a tagline that perfectly represents the evolution:

// Beyond is the way

And of this we, Andrea, Agnese and Paola and I, are convinced! 

Ladies & Gentlemen, I’m excited to announce that two other agencies have joined Sports&Beyond: Passione Eventi of Agnese Frigerio and Paola Amati and Andrea Babato of Caratteri Nobili.

We are three realities with the same origins, and complementary professional skills, and grown over the years on the basis of a shared experience: having all been part of the great and enlightening family of The North Face, a brand of international renown that has raised its employees and athletes with the principles of authenticity and innovation. 

An element of great cohesion in our group and which represents the foundation of each of us is also our area of origin which is strongly linked to sport and the mountains: Andrea and I are from Treviso and grew up professionally in the Montebellunese Sport System district which promotes entrepreneurship in the fashion, sports and sports footwear industries, while Agnese and Paola were born in the province of Lecco, a place which has given birth to historic climbers and with a great mountain culture.

The same professional imprinting, therefore, which over the years has been a manifesto for everyone, carried forward with commitment and great certainty to always arrive at the affirmation of 

// We Do, We Evolve. 

Two key concepts that are at the base of this new phase of the agency that allow us to propose a new authentic model to make communication in the sport:

DO – never stand still, always do, bring new ideas, revolutionize plans, help companies to communicate at their best, support athletes in the creation of their image and the communication of their projects.

EVOLVE – The world of communication is constantly changing and it is vital to keep up. In particular, the sports industry is traditionally linked to the tool of sponsorship, a marketing activity that is traditionally associated with those years when digital communication did not exist and the assets were the print media, radio and the most desired television.

“In an era in which the public, on the new (by now no more new) communication assets, is no longer just a spectator and passive user of content, but is also a producer,

it makes sense the move from “big ticket” style sponsorship-based marketing by integrating it with an influencer marketing strategy. It’s about making an innovative use of the athlete ambassador where on the one hand we continue to ensure the values that the athlete embodies – the sporting activity is real on the field and not simulated for social use – and having as a basis the authenticity of the content using the assets of influencer marketing.

This allows companies to structure an even smaller budget, with different levels of investment, from top athlete/talent to amateur, and a measurable and trackable ROI, and creating new meeting points in the do-ut-des between companies and athletes where the win-win is more easily achieved.” Marianna

“In a global situation where the cards have been shuffled, the rules of communication and design have definitely changed compared to when Caratteri Nobili was born in 2008. A lot of dynamics have changed, timing has speeded up and technology marks the time of a galloping development.

What hasn’t changed is the value of the brand and its meaning. Making a brand still means designing with a method and precise rules, keeping in mind the task it has to perform and the reputation it has to maintain. We have the task of helping those who every day have to do with all media, especially with the “new media”.

Joining together in a single group represents a natural evolution of the company in order to integrate new services to offer our clients, even more so if designed for the sports industry, which has seen us increasingly involved in branding and integrated communication projects in two worlds that are in some ways opposites, the outdoor and motorsport, and preparing us for the entire sports universe”.  Andrea 

“Since 2014, our agency has specialized in influencer marketing, following structured communication projects with companies that choose influencers as spokespeople for their company. These years have been fundamental to consolidate our experience in creating influencer marketing campaigns capable of resonating the story of a brand, integrating with all traditional marketing activities through the services we offer in all industries. Sports is one of them, and has been part of our professional DNA since the beginning of our careers.

So why not combine a new expertise with what we like and what sets us apart? A question to which we immediately answered positively, but which needed partners who think and act like us. We found them in Marianna and Andrea, rediscovering a close-knit team with shared values. After months of consultations, endless hours in video calls in full pandemic, we gave life to our project.

We are aware that our twenty years of shared experience is our strength, as well as our being real, active people who have a desire to do.” Agnese and Paola 

The union of our three agencies has as its goal the creation of a new model of marketing and communication that can stand out in the sports world and that becomes the first point of reference for athletes, but especially for companies (not only in the sports sector) who want to choose sport as a tool to communicate their identity and image, brand values and products through the creation of authentic projects.

Our new reality can boast a complete portfolio of competences and long previous experience that has confirmed over the years also the personal qualities, the so-called soft skills of reliability, participation and presence, and last but not least, a high level of empathy that allows to tune with people, companies and projects. Thanks to this, it is possible to guarantee a 360° service, complete, flexible and highly professional to all those who work in sport or want to approach this world for the first time. 

// Today is the arrival point of many years of experience, research, and individual evolution and the starting point with a renewed energy and strength of those who believe in this beautiful quote by Henry Ford

Coming together is the beginning.

Staying together is progress.

Working together is success.