Photo credits 2016 Juliana Wiklund



For ten years I was the Sports Marketing manager in The North Face EMEA, responsible for the team of athletes and sports events. I left a golden company and an enviable role, for the strong desire to start my own company. In 2010 was born and evolved the project of Sports&Beyond, a consulting, marketing and communication agency for athletes and companies operating in the world of sport. I could therefore continue to be a talent scout and manager of athletes, only from a slightly different perspective, with the role of intermediary between company and athlete. 

In this role, I also create and develop editorial and multimedia projects in collaboration with important publishing houses and film production companies also at an international level, as well as inspirational and educational conference programs dedicated to the corporate world.  For Rizzoli I wrote four hands with Simone Moro, one of my athletes, the book Devo perché posso (2017) and Il Team Invisibile (2021).

A talented Athlete, with a dream and a good track record of experience and performance, a respect for hard work and effort, an interesting story to tell and the desire to tell it, has the power to inspire the world.

With guidance by his/her side, he/she can evolve as a professional and build a fulfilling career by living his/her dream fully, starting with communicating him/herself as a brand.




Through the skills acquired in years of collaboration with national and international companies, Sports&Beyond creates and develops integrated communication projects in and through the sports world. 


The mission is to work in team with the company to build an effective program of sports marketing, a complete consulting package with useful tools and a direct dialogue on the dynamics behind the scenes. If necessary, also proposing a training context to align all the players and co-players involved in the projects.