From years of Volleyball in the C1 category with no experience in the motorsport world to the unconditional love for the races and conquering the podium in several circuits right up to being chosen for a female line up for the prestigious European circuit of Le Mans (ELMS).

From a mother confident embrace to 400km/h in the tracks. Manuela embodies the perfect example of a dynamic woman who must be able to merge family time with sporting and competitive commitments, interpreting at best the marriage between being a mother and being an athlete. She is the true ambassador of this intent, and every day she works with tenacity to be able to affirm herself and make her way by focusing on preparation, concentration, technical skills and her heart.

“From the moment you close the car door, everything is in your hands, and this is just all so fascinating!“


The point of balance
Tecnique and sensibility
Talent and hard work
Solo vs Team

In 2014 Manuela was invited as a guest in a test drive by her brother David (Ferrari Challenge Coppa Shell European Champion) and when asked “do you want to try?” she didn’t give it a second thought and grabbed the chance! In that exact moment Manuela decides what she wants to do in her future : A racing car driver!

After a promising volleyball career, a turning point in which she experiences the thrill and excitement of being solely responsible for the outcome of the race. In a very short time span she shows her talent and potential, reaching the podium on several occasions, the last time at the World Finals … 2018 gaining the third place.

What’s more distant between a racing car drier and a mom? Between the thrill of speed and risk, and the warm, reassuring and protective maternal embrace? Between a competition which is almost totally masculine and the kind sweetness of a young woman? Nothing probably or perhaps a lot if we follow Manuela’s story, born to a family where high speed racing is a normality and which at a certain point of her life captivated her too, to the point where she relinquished her promising volleyball career.

Having the ability to drive a car at such high levels, you have to achieve the right balance between technique and sensitiveness, between when to have to push it and when to respect it, until you reach the very subtle limit where driving becomes a delicate dance. It all comes down to being able to control the vehicle, of understanding its’ possibilities and limits.

The moment you close the car door: everything depends on you even if you are surrounded by a team, but you decide everything, the speed – the chances you take, you are purely the driver and outcome of the whole race! All is in your hands and it is just so fascinating!