I don’t have a magic wand

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I don’t have an orb or a magic wand. And to the question “How are you?” lately I answer “Same as you. And how are you?”

I no longer feel like answering “Fine” and coming across as the one to whom things always go well (at best), or the one with the annoying, mindless optimism (at worst).

I’m fine, yes I’m fine, and I’m a hopeful one, with perseverance and self-discipline.

BUT after 12 months in this situation, I am just as fine as you

I don’t dwell on what’s going wrong, I don’t want to tell the story what’s going wrong. And it’s not to sweep the dust under the carpet, or to feign foolish optimism, it’s just out of a sense of responsibility. After 12 months of this rigmarole, one could easily be depressed. Each of us has reasons, more or less serious, for feeling and being depressed. I have them too.

BUT I have once again decided to believe that I can make a difference, at least for myself, by trying to act on my mood every day from the moment I get up in the morning, and every minute on my emotions.

I’m scared, I’m tired, sometimes I’m less than excited to face the day. 

But what other options do I have?

Many months ago – July 2020 – I developed a program of online workshops (with hopes of soon translating them into presence) to share tactics and tools for dealing with difficult times, and more. 

According to plan I would have launched this program at a less difficult time, a time of restart that had already taken place some time ago, therefore with a spirit, mine and the world’s, fueled by all the positive feelings of a rebirth, of a new phase of growth. 

And yet here we are, back to square one. No, it’s worse than that, because on our shoulders we carry the weight of twelve months blindfolded on a swing, twelve months of personal and professional drama, twelve months of nurtured hopes – apparently – for nothing.

And today, as we are exactly 10 days away from our first live date, I wonder: 

Who the heck am I to think I’m giving a message of hope?  Today, when we all struggle to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and we barely catch a glimpse of it, the next thing we know we are plunged back into the deepest darkness. After all, I don’t have a magic wand…

No, I don’t. I do have something else, though. I have a belief, I have a need and I have a desire that coincide:

belief, need and desire to share.

I want to share with others what I experience, what others experience, I want to try to put order in the chaos, as much as possible, and understand what can be done for ourselves, recreating at least some small oasis of peace at a time when it seems impossible, or extremely difficult, to do anything.

I would love to meet everyone in person, I so miss working as a group in a physical space, where you can not only listen and talk but you can shake hands, exchange a hug, smell each other.

I don’t just desire this. I also crave lightheartedness, talk, play, and laughter.

I can’t do it the way I exactly want to. But I can commit to finding strategies to recreate the same sharing and a little lightheartedness even through a screen.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I can do this, and I’m going to do it. I won’t be able to activate it by myself, I’ll just give it a shout ♪ but then the band on the other side of the screen will play the other notes 🎶♫♬. We’ll learn to play like an orchestra, a little at a time, however distant.

And so, I won’t come with a magic wand (or maybe I will…), but I can definitely guarantee lightheartedness and sharing. 

That’s what I need, and I imagine at this point many of you need the same.

It is in this spirit and with this approach that you will learn something from me and I will learn something from myself. 

To help us spend this hour in an entertaining way Paola Natali will be with us, a television journalist, and in this case, especially for us, a dynamic and sparkling moderator.

The appointment is with


🗓 WHEN: 24 MARCH 2021 AT 18H45