I am a marketing and strategic business communication professional. Changing my degree course from Oriental Languages (specializing in Japanese) to Marketing was neither brief nor logical, in theory. In practice, for me, it was very quick and completely spontaneous.

My professional objective, which has grown over time, is to work alongside professional start-ups as well as with established companies which wish to communicate about themselves and their activities and continue to create new spaces for their stories until they can achieve new objectives as well as becoming an inspiration to the world.

Beginning of webinar project
"Feet on the ground, look at the horizon"

Written and published "Who cares, I do!"
(KDP, November ITA and ENG)

Written and published "The Ornitorianna Manual"
(KDP, March ITA and ENG)

Evolution of “Sports & Beyond” project

Redefinition of the activities of “Marianna Zanatta Group srl”

From freelancing to sole proprietorship


Beginning of training project "From the stage to the classroom"


Second marriage

Face fall of resulting in a broken nose

Elizabeth adoption, The queen dog

Collaboration with ITACA
(Banff Ocean ReelRock Film Festivals)


Marketing and communication project of III^ winter expedition Nanga Parbat (summit)

Certification as a coach

Gran Gala Gazzetta dello Sport


Tedx Talk Trento - The Platypus doesn't care and does!

Written and published "I must because I can" with Simone Moro (Rizzoli)

Love at first sight with Marrakesh


Marketing and Communication Course at New York City

I met Mirko Priola

"Exposed to dreams"
Winner of the Orobie Film Festival Highlands section of the world and medal from the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano


Everest Base Camp Trekking (Nepal)

Return to Camelot Castle from Florence

Direction of "Exposed to dreams" film with Simone Moro

Rizzoli / Mondadori collaboration begins


Simone Moro's first winter expedition narrated live on Facebook

New project begin "Motivational interventions of athletes in the company"


Start-up of sports marketing consultancy management

From Pescara to Florence


From Camelot to Pescara


Beginning of the route as coachee

La civetta sul comò



My resignation from The North Face

Beginning of my coaching path with Coach Sebastiano Zanolli

First marriage


The North Face Ultra Trail du Mount Blanc


Start of work experience as sports marketing manager at The North Face