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Simone Moro retraces 20 years of expeditions in a lengthy exciting and illustrated story in Himalaya, a merge of great satisfactions but also made up of endless difficulties and major hardships.

His long journey of approach from the Bergamo Alps up to the top of his dreams, to reach the highest peak on earth and fulfil his destiny as a climber, following the lead of the great fellow climbers of the past.

For Simone, Everest is not only a peak to achieve, but is a worth-while path of growth, to walk from base camp to the summit, through crevasses, accomplishments, sudden storms, moments of discouragement and encounters.
His personal way of intending alpinism as a means not an end, to consider the massive rock and ice as

a metaphor of life: A long journey in which we can take different paths, and in which sometimes “giving up” can become a virtue, where we can meet true friends and people  whom we shouldn’t really trust.

The long story of conquering Mount Everest – the Mallory tragedy, Hillary and Tenzings’ success in 1953, Messners’ climb with no oxygen, Monzinos’ first italian expedition in 1973, the American path by Tom Hornbein which has never been repeated – are all intertwined with Simone’s feats which places him in a historical dimension. The climber from Bergamo compares himself to the great explorers of the past and marks his own path.

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