In recent years, the satisfactions collected have been so many. The first place goes to people, a team and excellent partners, who share vision and values with me. A wonderful one.

CHI SE NE FREGA, FACCIO! (Italian edition)

We will remember 2020 for the rest of our lives!

A sentence we have become used to hearing and saying by now, but will it really be so? When did this 2020 start and when will it end? It almost seems like it started in March and is destined to never end. Everything has changed, in a flash. All it took was an invisible, out-of-schedule element to create a domino effect and plunge us all into a state of confusion and fear. The area of total uncertainty in which we were already moving, and to which we thought we were used, was transformed, awakening in us the mother of all fears: that of the unknown.


In a path of personal growth, of willingness to do in order to realize one’s dreams and goals, it is essential to remain constantly vigilant also by looking inside ourselves.

At a certain point in her life, Marianna Zanatta, sports marketing manager and coach, understood she was a platypus, she understood that each of the many different pieces of which she is made-up defines her uniqueness. Marianna started one step at a time her path of awareness and has not yet stopped, because she has realized that, in fact, it takes a lifetime to discover yourself!

DEVO PERCHE POSSO (Italian edition)

Friendship, I believe, is the key word of my profession.  And it is precisely the professional relationship that has grown with Simone that has confirmed this. You cannot work behind the scenes of the life of an athlete, or of a public figure, without also being friends, it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work because the TRUST must be total, in both senses, not only on the professional skills, of course, those must be there, but on the person. And this last thing you understand it only over the years, sharing experiences, walking together.