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I believe there is no limit to the number of marketing activities which a Professional or a Company can use to reach their goals more efficiently.

The objective is to create a rapport of collaboration with the Professional or Company, useful to define a strategy and an integrated plan in order to optimise every investment and multiply resources.

    Teaming up with ADOK I can offer consultancy services of marketing and communication:

  • collaboration in creating a marketing strategy
  • creation and development of a communications plan
  • elaboration of the documents and instruments for the presentation of the strategy and plan
  • planning of all the activities included in the communications plan
  • management and/or coordination of the activities
  • creative elaboration of the individual activities of the plan (collection, analysis, selection, graphic elaboration)
  • creation and development of media content off and online
  • creation of strategy and management of the online channels (site, e-commerce, social media)
  • elaboration of content (copy, photos, video)
  • elaboration of the publicity campaigns
  • management and follow-up of media relations
  • management of relations with suppliers
  • monitoring of the outcome of the plan
  • identifying corrective action and improvements to the initiatives

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Sponsorship is the most powerful promotional instrument and two reasons make it an excellent source of investment:

1) it is the most emotional and captivating activity of all
2) simple to integrate in companies' communications plan

    I work side by side with the company in building a sponsorship program through:

  • defining the Team structure
  • scouting and selecting new Athletes
  • negotiation and stipulating contracts between the Company and the Athlete
  • managing the relationship with the Sponsee (sponsored Athlete)
  • training for the alignment of the Athlete to the company strategy with a tailor made project of mentoring and coaching which leads to the development in synergy of the plans, increasing the impact and visibility of both. (training box)

A talented athlete with a dream and a good CV of performances, who respects fatigue and hard work, who has an interesting story to tell and the desire to narrate it, has the potential to inspire the world.

With a guide by his/her side he/she can develop into a professional and a build a fulfilling career and totally live his/her dream.

    What I have to offer:

  • consultancy on marketing and communications strategy
  • management and coordination of creative services: brand image, promotional material, copywriting, photography and videos
  • management and coordination of content of channels of communication, web sites and social media
  • scouting and management of sponsors
  • creation of new business opportunities: editorial and film projects, public speaking
  • contact with the media and sponsors/partners
  • coaching to improve relations with the media, sponsors, your public and communicating in front of an audience
  • assistance in building a coaching team to improve sporting performance
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