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I like to think of myself as a communicating vessel.

This is why I chose to become a certified coach, through a serious training course and a qualified and a ICF approved coaching school (ICF stands for International Coaching Federation). Together with other two women entrepreneurs she created Skills Training Box, a start up “box” of training and coaching programs for groups. Their pay off is “Act and Evolve”.


Group Coaching, sometimes called Peer Coaching, Learning Networks, or Action Learning, is a reflective process guided by a participatory structure among a small group of individuals targeting a particular work-related project. Group coaching utilizes active learning, experiential exercises, and reflective listening to achieve outcomes.

The Group Coach facilitates Group Coaching sessions to build leadership at all organizational levels in a format that brings people together to reflect and prepare to act on problems and issues facing them and to learn about themselves in the process.

I believe in change, in growth and constant, personal evolution as a means to happiness.

I believe in coaching because I recognize that this method and the responsibilities of a qualified coach have had a very positive influence on my personal evolution over the past few years and also on my happiness.

    I believe in the effectiveness of group coaching which particularly:

  • creates a learning community for peer consultation and support
  • develops synthesis of traditional leadership
  • enhances creativity and increases personal flexibility
  • ensures goal accomplishment at personal, group, organizational levels
  • deepens organizational values and culture
  • helps Group development and peer consultation skills
  • teaches time management and priority setting
  • integrates development and performance (operational) goals
  • impacts on bottom line
    Of coaching:

  • understanding, an increased awareness and development of one's potential
  • focusing on the objective/objectives
  • activation of a concrete plan of action to reach one's objectives
  • increasing one's self-effectiveness
  • strengthening of motivation
  • restriction and management of internal and external interference
  • how to manage and overcome moments of stress
  • development of resilience and persistence when committed or under stress
  • increased efficiency in managing one's own time
  • improvement in your relationship with yourself and others
  • management of success and defeat

Each one of us has enormous potential and can become the oak tree that was already inside the acorn, that special and unique oak tree in that special and unique acorn. For each one of us, with a "guide", or better, a coach, the path of awareness can become an exciting journey full of surprises.

"There is no path to happiness.
Happiness is the path."
Gautama Buddha

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