me and simone
  • a swot up until I left school, then I improved
  • involved with sports marketing since 1998
  • grew professionally alongside tough athletes who confirmed above all the positive value, of being yourself, which may seem trivial, but trivial is not
  • from 2007 a never ending road in terms of my training with a coach by my side who helped me to join up the dots
  • I also lived in Pescara and Florence but my nest has been in Treviso for a long time now and this is why I am a regular commuter westwards on the A4
  • I am a lifetime work in progress
  • I read, write, travel and repeat
  • I learnt to swim at the age of 40 when I realized that I was living on this world holding my breath
  • unfortunately I only realized recently that the negative school report from the teachers to my mother between the ages of five to nineteen 'All well apart from the fact that she talks so much' was in fact a skill, not to be underestimated in the field of public relations
  • apart from my education and training, my competence, my experience on the field and network, those who choose me get a great deal, above all for my great ability in finding solutions in every situation, creating strong professional relations and close-nit teams, for my authenticity and substance, for my honesty and frankness (for who considers these virtues)
  • I love the World, with all its flaws
  • #keepongoing and #neverstop are two of my favorite hash tags

I am a marketing and strategic business communications professional. Changing my degree course from Oriental Languages (specializing in Japanese) to Marketing was neither brief nor logical, in theory. In practice, for me, it was very quick and completely spontaneous.


I got a job with The North Face Emea, a top multi-national American company specializing in the outdoors. All I needed was the desire to start working right away and the breathtaking picture of a huge mountain covering the entire wall with the quote of an athlete: "Dear society, please accept my resignation". I gave in to my gut feeling and grabbed the chance, without asking myself why choose this particular piece of  puzzle which up until now was so different from what I had imagined for myself. Apparently I had the right qualities and was in the right place at the right time. I spent 10 years as Sport Marketing Manager with The North Face developing the team of athletes, their projects and sporting events as well as partnerships in all categories of extreme sport (skiing, snowboarding, alpinism, climbing and endurance running).


After 10 years in the company I decided to continue my profession as a free-lance, becoming a manager of athletes on the one hand and a business consultant on the other for the development and improvement of the sponsoring of athletes and events. In this new role I also developed editorial projects and films for my athletes by collaborating with important publishing houses and video, film and tv productions.


My professional objective, which has grown over time, is to work alongside professional start-ups as well as with established companies which wish to communicate about themselves and their activities and continue to create new spaces for their stories until they can achieve new objectives as well as becoming an inspiration to the world.


During these past years the satisfaction gained has been great. The first place goes to the people I worked with, a team of athletes, a work group and excellent partners who have shared with me vision and values. Something truly magnificent!
Here are some of the more tangible things achieved together: six publishing projects (books) developed with publisher Rizzoli first in Italy and then abroad (in USA, Germany, Spain, Poland), three film projects, attendance at numerous international film festivals, winning two important prizes, a television program, more than 100 conferences, many communication plans linked to sporting projects (from press conferences to blogs, to PR activities), with excellent acknowledgements on the part of media and companies.

Recently a book “Devo perché posso” (literally: I have to because I can), written with one of her athletes, has been published by Rizzoli.

Sara Venturini | Category Sales Manager @ Nike

“Marianna is born for “action”. In every project she leads, she is very generous in sharing her passionate energy and positive attitude. Her personal aspiration is to keep on evolving and evolving fast, this is why she is always projected to new passionate experiences!”

Tiziana Di Gioia | Head of Sports Marketing EMEA @ Under Armour

“Passion for sport, competence and creativity are only some of the characteristics I have learned to appreciate straight away from Marianna and which make her an irreplaceable and precious partner for the attainment of more ambitious projects.”

Filippo Solaro Del Borgo | Athlete Manager @ The North Face EMEA

“Working with athletes has always been a dream of mine, sometimes it works out to be quite tough however, especially when trying to do your brands’ interests. This is where professionals like Marianna can make the substantial difference. Working with her not only allow us to combine the athletes interests with the brand, but also raise both, ensuring that all ideas coming from both sides evolve from good to superb!”

Gabriela Gutierrez Dewar | @ Zanskar Producciones

“We have worked with Marianna in an international TV co-production and I found it a pleasure to work with her, she is intelligent, efficient, a clever listener, someone who can deal with conflicts without getting upset, a person with energy, empathy and a fun & friendly nature. Quite outstanding! (But please don't steal her from us!).”

Francesca Busetto | Regional Director Europe South @ Columbia & SOREL

“I got to know Marianna quite a few years ago when we both worked for the same firm, The North Face Europe. Spending some time together, I can say that from straight away she proved to be competent, alert, and receptive with a great predisposition for interpersonal relationships. What struck me at the time, and which to this day characterizes her, is the passion and enthusiasm which give her that something extra, as well as professional qualities acquired on the field throughout many years of effort, work and dedication. In a few words, a true outdoor enthusiast Manager.”

Sebastiano Zanolli | Manager @ OTB Group and writer

“Marianna is a genius in finding creative solutions to problems. She is brilliant, friendly, with the gift of common sense and she is hypercreative, a great mix!”

Sandro Filippini | Sports journalist and writer

“To describe the attributes of a professional male you can describe him, without offence, as a pneumatic drill, a bloodhound, a steamroller, a tank and the more the better. Always male. To describe a female 'positively' you can only find references to the cunning of a fox. So it is diffult to use a stereotype to describe Marianna the professional, hoping that it will be understood as being of neutral gender: BULLDOZER and I hope she will forgive me...”


In '98 Simone Moro walked into The North Face for sponsorship, and that is when I met him for the first time. At the time he was testimonial of a famous brand, a very powerful company with a sponsoring budget much richer than mine. But nonetheless he chose to start a new adventure, on decidedly unattractive terms because he had fallen in love with a technical product (ours) which was of a superior level, but also of a marketing project which placed the athlete at the centre of everything, an authentic and unique testimonial. I like to think that he believed in my words, my dream to have athletes who were completely integrated with the activity of business communications. He was the first athlete who made me understand that my project was feasible, mainly for his desire of sharing with everyone his stories of alpinism and his love for the mountains. When I chose to walk out of the company to become a free-lance, once again I thought to present my project to him first, and here we are! Simone as my first "athlete model" and now also mentor to the athletes in this team.


Simone is known all over the world for his all around prowess as an alpinist - on rock, on ice, and mixed terrain. He is the only alpinist to have completed four first winter ascents of 8000 metre peaks. In 2005 Shisha Pangma, in 2009 Makalu, and in 2011 Gasherbrum II, in 2016 Nanga PArbat. Simone is the only professional alpinist who is also a helicopter pilot specialized in high altitude rescue. Simone is an excellent speaker, he has combined his dream of living alpinism daily with sharing his alpinism with everyone who like him shares a true and uncontrollable passion for mountains. And that is why that even at 8000m, at -50° C with not much oxygen and exhausted he still pulls out his camera to capture those moments.

Our long standing business cooperation and friendship is explained in our four handed written book “Devo perché posso” published by Rizzoli.


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